RPP Stakeholder Overview

On January 27th, 2014 the City Council directed the creation of a citywide framework for the establishment of Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) programs in Palo Alto Neighborhoods. The goal of implementing RPP programs is to regulate non-resident parking in residential neighborhoods. Under the direction of the City Council, City Staff convened a stakeholder group in early 2014 to provide community input on the development of an RPP program for Downtown Palo Alto. City staff met with the RPP Stakeholder Group to develop the structure of the program between March and October of 2014; this page documents the agendas and minutes from the stakeholder meetings.

Downtown Palo Alto RPP Stakeholder Group – The RPP District Stakeholder Group is intended to be broadly representative of Downtown Resident and Business interests. Resident stakeholders are from Downtown North, Crescent Park, Professorville and Downtown South. Business Stakeholders include landlord, property owner, business owner and business employee constituents.

The group was successful, and Council adopted the proposed RPP Ordinance and Downtown Resolution on December 2, 2014. Staff reports documenting the Ordinance and Resolution can be found here .

RPP Background and Overview:

Jessica Sullivan, the City’s Parking Manager, describing the genesis of the RPP program; in addition, the video offers perspectives from a resident and a business leader who were also involved in the development of the program.