There’s a lot going on in parking these days. On March 6, the City Council voted to make permanent the downtown Residential Preferential Permit Parking Program; permits will go on sale later this month for the Evergreen Park-Mayfield RPP, and residents in Southgate will soon receive a survey to find out whether an RPP is supported by a majority of their neighborhood.

Downtown RPP: The downtown RPP program included two-hour parking limits on downtown’s residential streets and permit parking for residents and businesses. The Council voted to provide priority to neighborhood serving businesses as the RPP moves forward, and set the employee permit limit at 1,500 (there were 1,335 sold in the last phase). Rather than an automatic 10 percent reduction in employee permits as originally discussed, Council asked staff to return in a year to see how the program is working.

Evergreen Park-Mayfield RPP: Parking permits for this RPP program are expected to be available mid-March with signage announcing the new permit parking restrictions that will be installed in April. To allow for residents and employees of nearby businesses time to purchase permits and adjust to the program, the City is not expected to begin enforcement of the new RPP program until April 24. There will be a warning period before any citations are issued to non-permit holders. A total of 250 employee permits will be made available for the one-year pilot project.

Southgate RPP Survey: Southgate residents have asked to establish an RPP program and the City will be sending the neighborhood a survey at the end of March to find out whether an RPP is supported by a majority of their neighborhood. As currently envisioned, the Southgate RPP program would limit the number of non-resident vehicles that could be parked in the neighborhood Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. This is proposed as a trial program, which would be evaluated after a year.