Background Meetings and Documents

Meetings Date Documents
SOFA Business Community October 17, 2013 Presentation
Meeting Notes
Attendees List
Downtown Community Meeting September 24 & 26 2013 Meeting Notes
Downtown North Community April 30, 2013 Presentation
Meeting Notes
Downtown South Community May 2, 2013 Presentation
Meeting Notes
Downtown Meeting June 18 & 19 2013 Presentation
Downtown Meeting June 18, 2013 Meeting Notes
Downtown Meeting June 19, 2013 Meeting Notes
Neighborhood Meeting Handouts September 24 & 26, 2013 Agenda
Downtown RPP Concept A
Downtown RPP Concept B

Stakeholder Submitted Data

These documents have been submitted by the Downtown RPP stakeholders as an official part of the RPP process. They are not data which has been generated by the City.

  1. Stakeholder Data – Number of Parking Spaces per House v20140422
  2. Meeting Notes at Channing House – June 03, 2014
  3. South Evergreen Park Occupancy – Resident Collected Data  v2 July 17, 2014
  4. Resident RPP Concerns Ranking Summary October 20, 2014

For City-generated data on parking occupancy, inventory and lot counts, or additional information on parking in Palo Alto’s Downtown, click here.